Military Ammunition

Manufacturing Lines:
  • 5.56mm x 45mm (ball M855 & M193, tracer M856 and blank M200) 50-60m rounds per year
  • 9mm x 19 mm Ball (124&115grn), AP, blank) 30m rounds per year
Assemby Lines and Production::
  • 7.62mm x 51mm (ball, tracer, blank, AP) 4m-5million rounds per month
  • 12.7mm x 99mm (ball, tracer, API, blank and API-T) 4m rounds per month


At CLA, we first started out in 1994, with the capacity to produce three to five million rounds per year. Nearly two decades down the line, we have expanded our trajectory to serve various sectors with quality, dependable ammunition that comply with the highest international standards. Some of our competencies are:


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