Caracal Shot Shells

  • CLA, proudly, unveils a new brand (CSS) of its production capability, 12-gauge shot-shells which is the most popular shot-shell gauge.
  • It is produced for sporting purposes, up to specifications of the purpose of use, in 3 categories of shots depending on the game.
    • Training purpose, it is produced with slight recoil for beginners, youngsters and female use, in both Skeet and Trap shooting types (Type 12/70/12 Red).
    • Semi-professional use, with specifications to meet the satisfaction of the user, in both Skeet and Trap shooting types (Type 12/70/16 Blue).
    • Top professionals & professionals also have a chance to be our clients as CLA produces highly distinguished shotgun shells, in both Skeet and Trap shooting types (Type 12/70/25 Black).
  • CLA’s always keen to get the high quality of raw materials, from the best resources around the world to make sure that the final product gains our client’s satisfaction.


At CLA, we first started out in 1994, with the capacity to produce three to five million rounds per year. Nearly two decades down the line, we have expanded our trajectory to serve various sectors with quality, dependable ammunition that comply with the highest international standards. Some of our competencies are:


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